Comment on Increase AdSense CTR by SEO Dave.

AdSense Each purchase entitles the user to use Stallion on as many of their own domains as they like. There’s currently no developer license. If I find a customer selling sites with the same Stallion ID that Stallion ID will be disabled.

If you own 1,000 sites you need one Stallion ID for your entire network.

If you sell sites running Stallion each site needs it’s own ID.

Basically one Stallion ID per user.

Testing AdSense Alternatives

Stallion is great for AdSense ads, the placements are varied and easy to use.

Clickbank isn’t as good, though the placements are similar to AdSense the Clickbank contextual ads platform doesn’t perform anywhere near as well as AdSense or Chitika.

I am really disappointed in how contextual Clickbank ads perform, I think the problem is three fold.

1st it’s not a cost per click (like AdSense) but cost per action model, so you need your visitor to click the ad and buy the Clickbank product to make money and with no preselling (essential for Clickbank affiliate sales IME) the click through rate is OK, but the purchase rate is very low.

2nd Clickbank doesn’t clean out it’s old users, some ads go to products/sites that no longer exist, worse others no longer use Clickbank as a payment processor!

3rd The ads aren’t actually ads per se, they are generated from the Clickbank marketplace data, so the Clickbank sellers didn’t write the text like an ad as such.

Clickbank basically hasn’t taken this ad model seriously.

I recommend using AdSense 1st, Chitika 2nd if you can’t use AdSense on a site and Clickbank if you can’t use AdSense and Chitika ads.

I planned to add other ad networks like Clicksor but they didn’t scan their pop ups etc… for malware and when I tested them on a popular jokes site (thousands of visitors a day) the site was penalized in Google for I believe linking to malware via the pop ups!!! After removing Clicksor the site recovered in no time at all. Tested Bidvertiser and left the ads running for 100,000 impressions on the jokes site and earnt ~$3!!! It was a WTF moment when I checked the earnings!

If anyone knows of good alternative ad networks suitable for adding to Stallion (AdSense type layout) let me know. Plan to do something with Amazon when I get around to it (so many things I want to do, so little time :-)).