Comment on Display Widgets SEO Plus Plugin by SEO Dave.

Display Widgets SEO Plus Plugin Show/Hide on Specific Categories I’ve updated the main article with new information, also pasted below:

Because of the hacking mess related to the Display Widgets Plugin v2.6.* (see my Display Widgets Plugin Review) I’m developing/supporting two Display Widgets Plugins:

Display Widgets Plugin v4.* (free) – security update/upgrade to replace the malicious Display Widgets Plugin v2.6.* and the broken v2.7 update released by the plugin team (the update function messes up). v4.0.0 has already been released (see link below, it’s free) and includes significant feature updates.

Display Widgets Plus v4.* (premium) – an updated version of the Display Widgets SEO Plus Plugin v3.0.0. v4.0.0 has NOT been released yet.

Both plugin versions (free and premium) are developed/supported at the following Display Widgets Plus WordPress Plugin page.

The difference between the free plugin and premium will be in the advanced widget logic for other plugins like BuddyPress, bbPress, Woocommerce and the Paged options. The free version has limited Paged logic and basic widget logic support for other plugins (bbPress etc…) and the premium version includes Paged options and advanced widget logic support for other plugins. So the free version does ~90% of what the Display Widgets SEO Plus Plugin v3.0.0 did.

David Law