Update September 16th 2017 : I’ve released a Free Security Update/Upgrade of the Display Widgets Plugin. Visit the above link to update/upgrade to a hack free version with significant widget logic feature upgrades (supports more core widget logic and several popular plugins) or use the Display Widgets Plugin v4.* Direct Download Link: this link will always download the latest version filename display-widgets.zip. If you run Display Widgets version 2.05 (or earlier), 2.6.0 (downloads huge extra plugin), 2.6.1 (hacking code), 2.6.2 (hacking code), (hacking code), 2.6.3 (hacking code), (hacking code) to upgrade either: Delete the Display Widgets Plugin under your “Plugins” menu (there’s a Delete link associated with each plugin: this won’t delete your current plugin settings) and then […]

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