Comment on Display Widgets Plugin Review by SEO Dave.

Display Widgets Plugin Dynamic Post Hacker Code I’ve released a Free Security Update/Upgrade of the Display Widgets Plugin which is called v4.0.0 and is malicious code free and extends the widget logic features. I’ll be supporting the new version with new future updates: it’s not going in the WordPress Repository so I’ve added a custom update library (updates from my server not the WordPress plugin repository).

I couldn’t agree more about the plugin team having a real issue here, the Display Widgets plugin has really highlighted failings in their system, a system best described as putting out fires rather than fire prevention: I emailed them over a dozen times about this plugin and they missed the malicious code at least twice when they rechecked the code!!!

The Display Widgets plugin isn’t even a big plugin, the hacked versions were two files, one containing pretty much the original 2.05 code and the geolocation.php file that was 50% tracking code and 50% malicious code (to create a dynamic post to hack sites). I’d hate to think what could be hidden in some of the huge plugins (dozens of php files) in the repository!

I’m just a WordPress user like you and noticed the tracking issue, but wasn’t looking for malicious code, the plugin team should be looking for this sort of thing when a new developer with no track record has consistently broken the plugin repository rules over and over again with a plugin they paid money for: that should have rang alarm bells, a business doesn’t buy a plugin without a plan to monetize and free plugins are difficult to make money from.

This is a case study of incompetence, they missed the malicious code at least twice, missed user reports (including a trac ticket) of malicious code, took days to release the v2.7 update and still haven’t forced a upgrade meaning there’s tens of thousands of WordPress sites running vulnerable 2.6 code which THEY are responsible for allowing in the repository!

Regarding hacked sites, I wrote a comment about how to clean a site:

I’m still not sure how much damage the hacker has done to WordPress sites, so don’t know how much to worry about this.

David Law