Comment on Direct Line Car Insurance Reviews by Andy.

Car Insurance That was the response I got from a member of Direct Line customer services after receiving an online quote of nearly £1700 for a Honda Civic CTDi 2.2 from Direct Line car insurance. My previous policy was just short of £600 with AXA and had my insurance renewal had gone up to £750.

I’m 42 and have been driving for over 20 years with no convictions or claims in at least 10 years. So I mentioned about a young lad at my place of work who had previously paid £5000 for his 1st years insurance and in that time had to make a claim and lost his NCB.

His insurance was halved for the following year. The jumped up so and so said ‘that’s the way it goes’ then hung up before I could say anything else.

No wonder Direct Line are NOT on comparison sites because they would be at the bottom!!