Comment on Direct Line Car Insurance Reviews by Donna.

Car Insurance I’m on a #bashtag mission with direct line since they p’eed me off yesterday. Filled in an online quote for car insurance and got a good price.

Hubbie suggested he call Direct Line cause they’ve had his business insurance for the last 5 years as well as several home insurances, thought as a truly loyal customer he may get some discount, which he did.

They wanted an initial payment of £365 which I didn’t have on one card so I accepted the quote and took Reference to call back with after switching some money around. sorted the funds and called back 20 mins later and they upped the premium from £1800 to £3100 cause even though I filled in the title, mr and gender, male they had thought my named driver was female.

When she said its for you and your daughter I said no myself and my son the price changed due to ‘human error’. THEIR mistake yet they wouldn’t back down and had no supervisor or manager available.

After arguing for sometime I hung up, redialed Direct Line and got a supervisor who wouldn’t do anything either. Have told him I’m mentioning them on all social networking sites and contacting ombudsman. Smarmy little shit said ‘ if I sold it to you at that price you would be committing fraud.

I accused him of being sexist as the female insurance quote was significantly cheaper he had nothing more to say other than insurance quotes discussed over the phone aren’t verbal contracts and are not legally binding.

I have now gone with co-operative car insurance.