Comment on Direct Line Car Insurance Reviews by SEO Dave.

Car Insurance Look at all the car insurance link spammers trying to gain links to their sites from this page!

I just love how many insurance gurus and experts that are reading my post, very funny :-)

For the few insurance links spammers that have actually read the comments (most will be using automated software to spam) note how there are no links from the commenter’s name.

I created the WordPress theme that’s on this site (Stallion Responsive SEO Theme) and because of link spammers by default you can NOT add a website URL to your comment and even if you manage to add one through link spamming software the theme doesn’t show it anyway.

So please all you insurance experts and gurus like “Rodney The Car Insurance Guru” and “Derek The Business Insurance Expert” stop wasting your time commenting here, it will not get you a backlink or even any click thru traffic.

David Law