Comment on Contest to Win Money by SEO Dave.

Make Money Online Not sure who John is?

See the main article for contest winner details.

You didn’t win, can’t believe anyone would review Stallion and write

In terms of SEO stallion beats most of the themes but it’s still behind Thesis and Genesis.

Stallion beats all WordPress themes SEO wise by such a long mark there’s no comparison. Also if Thesis theme and Genesis theme are better than the Stallion theme SEO wise why didn’t you claim the $5,000 prize?

From the competition article above:

$5,000 Best WordPress SEO Theme Competition

If you believe the Stallion theme is NOT the best WordPress SEO Theme available today why not prove it between now and January 7th 2012 and win a cool $5,000 payment via PayPal.

All you have to do to claim the $5,000 is be the first person to find another WordPress theme with ALL the SEO features of Stallion and one more SEO feature and explain why the WordPress theme is better SEO wise than Stallion as a comment below detailing which SEO feature(s) are missing from the Stallion theme.

If the Stallion theme isn’t the best WordPress SEO theme it’s easy money