Comment on Contest to Win Money by SEO Dave.

Make Money Online The blogging competition isn’t over yet, the date the contest ends is the 7th and it’s still the 7th on my calendar, still 2 1/2 hours left until the 8th contest deadline :-)

Quite busy this week, so will probably go through the contest entries (not looked at any in detail yet) over the weekend and make a decision, contact the winner etc… so the winners should know within a week at worst unless something comes up I have to deal with (work and life comes first).

The extra month didn’t make much difference to the competition entries, I was really busy so had no time to promote the contest further. Did give those who submitted reviews early to make updates which a few did.

No one tried to claim the $5,000 by being the first person to find another WordPress theme with ALL the SEO features of Stallion and one more SEO feature and explain why the WordPress theme is better SEO wise than Stallion. After the Stallion 6.3 update I might leave that offer permanently at $5,000 as when Stallion 6.3 is released it would take some serious SEO work on a theme to compete with Stallion (I’m running out of SEO improvements).