Stallion WordPress SEO Theme Review Contest is not accepting new entries, winners posted below.

The Stallion SEO WordPress Theme is by far the best WordPress SEO theme available, it’s years ahead of other WordPress SEO themes.

Note: No longer developing the Stallion WordPress SEO v7, in 2014 I released the Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Package V8 which is even better and incorporates all Stallion V7 features plus many more.

There are SEO features built into Stallion not available in any other WordPress theme, for example fully integrated link cloaking to protect valuable link benefit, Stallion is the only theme to remove all rel=”nofollow” links that delete SEO link benefit!

Stallion is sold through Clickbank for $70 per license with a 25% revenue share : see Stallion Clickbank Affiliate Program for details.

To mark the release of the Stallion 6.2 update I’m having a Stallion WordPress SEO Theme Review Blogging Contest with the following prizes.

Blogging Contest

10 Blogging Contest Prizes

  • 1st prize $500 + free Stallion SEO Theme license
  • 2nd prize $250 + free Stallion SEO Theme license
  • 3rd prize $50 + free Stallion SEO Theme license
  • 7 free Stallion SEO Theme licenses for worthy reviews

Blogging Contest Prize Value Total $1,500

Top 3 reviews will also receive a dofollow contextual text link from this Blogging Contest page for a minimum period of 12 months (update: Feb 2014, removed the links, so they had links for 2 years): each contextual text link has a value of around $20 a month or $360 a year.

How to Win Money Online?

Write a Stallion WordPress SEO Theme Review on your website.

You can read about Stallion theme features throughout this site, a good place to start is the Stallion SEO Theme Tutorials which includes a list of Stallion theme tutorials.

Not currently a Stallion theme user and want an in depth look at Stallion, download the latest FULL Stallion WordPress SEO Theme below and use the temporary Stallion ID stallioncontest1500 to test the Stallion theme features for the review contest period which ends February 7th 2012** Sorry, this Stallion ID is inactive.

Stallion SEO Theme Download

The Stallion theme zip file and Stallion ID will give you full access to all Stallion theme features, after the theme review period ends the temporary Stallion ID will be deactivated.

Blogging Contest Rules

  • Write a unique Stallion WordPress SEO Theme Review.
  • Link your Stallion review page to the Stallion Theme website: you can use a Clickbank affiliate link to benefit from Stallion sales, see Stallion Clickbank Affiliate Program for banner images etc…
  • Tweet your review with hashtag #StallionSEO
  • Join the Stallion Update Mailing List : it’s used for announcing Stallion updates, you won’t be SPAMMED.
  • Post a comment below linking to your Stallion WordPress SEO Theme Review entry OR drop me an email with the review URL (email: before midnight (GMT) February 7th 2012. Please use a valid email address so you can be contacted if you win a prize.
  • All payments will be made via PayPal, if you cannot receive cash via PayPal you will not be eligible for a cash prize.
  • Winners will be contacted by email in February 2012.
  • No purchase necessary.

Win $5,000 Competition

Make Money Online If you believe the Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Package is NOT the best WordPress SEO package available today why not prove it and win a cool $5,000 payment via PayPal.

Stallion Responsive users are advised to use:

Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Package.
W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin : used to cache and minify site resources.
EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin (or another plugin to optimize images) : used to optimize images.

All you have to do to claim the $5,000 is be the first person to find or build another WordPress SEO package with ALL the SEO features of Stallion Responsive + W3 Total Cache + EWWW Image Optimizer and one more SEO feature and explain why your WordPress package is better SEO wise than Stallion as a comment below detailing which SEO feature(s) are missing from the Stallion SEO package.

You can use W3 total Cache and an image optimization plugin in your SEO package, but you can’t use the lack of say image optimization or caching as a missing SEO feature. Caching and image optimization are missing SEO features from the Stallion Responsive package, but by design, why reinvent W3 total Cache and an image optimization plugin when the two stand alone plugins above work AND are well supported by their developers.

All the other SEO features Stallion Responsive relies on are built into the SEO package.

If Stallion isn’t the best WordPress SEO solution it’s easy money :-)

Just match Stallion Responsive plus one extra SEO feature, it should be easy if it’s not the best. Maybe you can build a package with better silo SEO features or a package that gives comments more SEO features.

If you believe some Stallion SEO features you haven’t included in your SEO package aren’t important, describe why. It’s not a valid response to argue you disagree with what I consider an SEO feature, prove why it’s not important or how your SEO package doesn’t need the feature.

There are SEO features I plan to add to the package (it’s never complete), so in theory it’s possible to claim the $5K today, but with each new update it will get harder.

Blog Contest Winning Reviews

The three main prize winning reviews are:

1st Prize – Stallion Theme Review

2nd Prize – A Review of the Stallion WordPress SEO Theme

3rd Prize – Stallion WordPress SEO Theme Review

All have been contacted by email.

The 7 Stallion ID winners have been emailed.

Contests to Win Money

I created this free blog contest to win money to promote a premium WordPress theme, the goal was to generate honest theme reviews and in return offer the reviewers some free prizes. At a cost of $800 cash and 10 free products, plus three backlinks (worth a lot of money in their own right) and the time to deal with comments from some contestants (sheesh, some are needy!) I consider the contest a failure.

Just barely generated enough reviews to give out all ten prizes, luckily there were a few good reviews (was easy to pick the top 3), but considering the cost and relative low quality of the sites hosting the reviews (no big traffic websites) I could have paid 20+ bloggers to write positive reviews on reasonable traffic websites and generated far more interest in my product.

I don’t think I’ll ever run another blogging contest.

David Law

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