Comment on Clickbank WordPress Themes by Glenn Shimabukuro.

Clickbank WordPress Themes Hi David:

This is a “weird” problem.

I have a number of sites using the Talian 05 theme, and all are look good, except one.

Here’s how I set-up the widget section on the site that’s acting weird …

Side Bar 1:
9GATLink Adverts 01
1GAT Adverts ClearBG

Side Bar 2:
9GAT Clickbank 01
Text Widget (180×150 Ad By CBProAds)
6GAT Recent Articles
TAG Cloud


The only difference I have on this site as compared to the rest of the sites using the Talian theme is the text widget for the CBProAds … everything else is the same.

This is what happens …

On the home page, only one of the side bar widgets appear. And what’s interesting/frustrating is that the Side Bar 2 widgets only appear, and they appear where the Side Bar 1 widgets are supposed to appear. Nothing is displayed in Side Bar 2.

However, when I click on the link to read the whole blog post from the excerpt, both Side Bar 1 and Side Bar 2 widgets are displayed like they’re supposed to.

I checked the other pages, for example, the About, Disclaimer, Disclosure and Privacy page, and the side bar widgets display just fine.

The problem only appears on the home page.

I removed the CBProAds text widget from the Side Bar 2 entry thinking that was the problem, however, that did not resolve the issue.

Any ideas???