Comment on Clickbank WordPress Themes by SEO Dave.

Clickbank WordPress Themes Clickbank and Amazon sales will be at a lower rate than making money from the AdSense ads. With AdSense a click means you get paid, with Clickbank/Amazon requires a click and the visitor to buy a product.

Can work out a lot more than AdSense overall for a niche with high price products (extreme would be selling new cars :-)) and you’ll make barely anything in a niche like books (inexpensive products).

Trick is to find affiliate niches with quite a lot of potential customers (no visitors = no clicks at all) and relatively high value products. Trial and error basically.

I’m not familiar with the Amazon vertical carousel widget, I’d try adding the code as a text widget in the widget menu. You might have to fiddle with any HTML related to the Amazon vertical carousel widget to match it with Talian 05 colour scheme etc… If you can’t get it to work as you want it, post the URL of the site with the Amazon vertical carousel widget (add it as a text widget) and I’ll take a look.

In the update (hoping to release this month) plan to add custom ad options, so this should be much easier. Might even add an Amazon ad version (like Clickbank/AdSense ads), not sure yet.