Comment on What is Clickbank? by SEO Dave.

Clickbank Affiliate Program In the next update which is called Stallion 6 I’m adding a Clickbank affiliate program.

When I have it all working there will be an automated affiliate link with your Clickbank username to the Stallion site at the bottom of the page (can be disabled via the options page). Also plan to make a widget that you can add to your sidebar (or the new footer widget area) that uses the Clickbank affiliate username etc… So you’d just add your Clickbank username like you do with Talian 5 and it’s automated. If I get the time will make a sales page template as well. You’d make a new Page, select the affiliate template and everything would be pre-setup with your affiliate link etc…

I’m wanting to release Stallion 6 this month for testing (all Talian customers get a copy) and then full release if no problems, but still have a lot of stuff to finish (not even made a start on the readme files!). I have a lot of ideas for features I want to add, could really do with another month before release, so won’t get it all coded this time.