Comment on What is Clickbank? by SEO Dave.

Clickbank Affiliate Program Main things are:

The product is good quality, since with Clickbank you have 60 days to get a refund if products are rubbish your going to get a lot of refunds!

I look for niches I can learn about and understand to enough degree to use the product and write about it since I’ve found with Clickbank promotion you have to review the products to have any chance of selling them.

After that it’s down to organic search engine traffic, (i don’t use PPC traffic) if there’s no traffic available or it’s too hard to obtain will mean there won’t be any sales. So there has to be traffic available and be obtainable without having to add a million backlinks to a product page.

For example with mortgages there’s some mortgage Clickbank products, but if you do keyword research at any of the free tools like you’ll find quite a bit of mortgage relevant traffic, but it doesn’t match up well to the Clickbank products available (people aren’t searching for mortgage ebooks) and those products have a low gravity meaning they don’t sell well either anyway.

So we have a reasonable traffic niche (mortgages) with quite a few Clickbank products available to promote, but it would appear from research that niche from a Clickbank prospective doesn’t do very well.

David Law