Comment on What is Clickbank? by Yenny.

Clickbank Affiliate Program Hi Dave, found your post “Affiliate Marketing, what’s next” after searching around why Google suddenly banned all my amazon mini sites. I feel a bit frustrated knowing all those hard works just gone in one day.

Anyway, I can see that you have tried to use clickbank for your next affiliate project. My question is, have you tried to build a minisite to sell a clickbank product? Perhaps you can offer me some ideas. The reason why I like selling physical products is that because there are a lot of them in 1 niche, e.g. home appliances, gadgets, etc. I can blog about 2-3 products in particular niche each day. While clickbank is an informational product, it would be weird to post about different ebook in a website.

Would you please be kind in sharing some of your tricks to promote your clickbank page? PPC or pure SERP ?

Thank you