Comment on What is Clickbank? by SEO Dave.

Clickbank Affiliate Program LOL zzz,

Currently I make very little from AdSense because Google kept filtering my Amazon stores.

I make more from Clickbank now though, I made almost $6,000 in November 2008 and almost $4,000 in December 2008. That includes AdSense income.

I’ve been posting my monthly affiliate revenue since June 2008 and have just remembered I haven’t done the January one yet.

If you don’t believe I’m making this a month that’s sad as it’s not that much money (I make far more from my SEO business, this is a hobby). There’s thousands of affiliates who put far more time into this sort of stuff than I do and easily make over $100K a year.

How the hell do you think Clickbank makes it’s money? Affiliates bring in the vast majority of their and their partners revenue.

David Law