Comment on What is Clickbank? by SEO Dave.

Clickbank Affiliate Program No you don’t have to sell your own products on the clickbank program, I for example don’t have a clickbank affiliate product (yet, you never know the future :-))

As you can see above in our first month we made over $500, most of this is from one niche clickbank product. Now we are selling two niche products and 2 days from the 2 month point we’ve made over $1,150.

The success appears to be due to putting a lot of effort into the pages that sell the product, we both wrote very detailed and honest reviews of the products (they are very good products as well) and this has resulted in a steady stream of sales from what I consider a low amount of traffic.

I’ve also tried selling clickbank products without a review and so far over the last month not made a single sale!!

So my experience is you really have to put some time into supporting the clickbank products you want to sell, otherwise you won’t made any money!