Comment on Promote Clickbank Affiliate Products by SEO Dave.

Stallion SEO Ad Theme Welcome to my nightmare working with Clickbank, been trying to get Clickbank to approve Stallion for sale for I think two weeks now! there’s a 3-6 working day period for the approval process, which works out about a week before they get to a new affiliate product.

First issue was my fault it wasn’t approved, had to move dedicated servers twice, then move this site to Godaddy as the 2nd dedicated server is still playing up.

Nameservers hadn’t propagated when Clickbank checked the website (it was running fine on Godaddy, but DNS changes can take 48 hours to propagate worldwide). Think that was Thursday when they checked.

The weekend passes which they don’t work on apparently, on Monday I’m informed everything is working, but they don’t like the $1,000 guarantee on the sales page. It’s become clear they check a website once in a working day max (I’ve been responding to their queries within an hour).

I remove the offer text so it will approve faster with a note I’d like to discuss re-adding the text after approval (pretty clear I wasn’t going to add it without a discussion first).

Tuesday receive a comment I can’t add an offer like that and I have to agree not to add it after approval, no approval. Within an hour I’ve posted a comment I won’t add the text (not impressed) and now it’s Wednesday waiting for them to check again.

Unless something else goes wrong the payment buttons should be up today. I’ve also put out an updated version of Stallion, if you are on the Aweber mailing list you’ve received the details. the mailing list is the only way I’ll be informing customers by email of updates etc…, so if you haven’t joined you won’t be informed of the free updates.

What is wrong with an offer that if anyone can find a WordPress SEO theme with all the SEO features of Stallion and one more SEO feature I’ll pay them $1,000 via PayPal? Stallion is by far the best WordPress SEO theme available, all other WordPress themes are years behind what I’m doing (most are no better than TwentyTen). Had the same offer, but $500 for Talian 5 and no one could claim it (a few tried with an ad theme that the SEO wasn’t very good on).

As soon as Clickbank approves Stallion the payment links go up. I could have added PayPal links at anytime, but as many of my Talian customers will have added Clickbank hop links to this site I’d be ripping them off their affiliate revenue. As it is I’m loosing sales waiting for Clickbank to approve, but it’s the ethical thing to do!