Comment on Claiming Working Tax Credits and Child Tax Credits by BillyGoat.

Claiming Tax Credits You know, having trawled the net for weeks trying to find the right answers, I, like most, came across this site. Its Brilliant. Even a trip to the CAB left me knowing less than when I walked in their door. The Jobcentre advisor is borderline useless and waiting for retirement.

Stuck on JSA for 12 months I have now decided to take the plunge and start my business. I know its going to be a success, my life tells me so. But we will need WTC to kick off.

So the question. I am on JSA and I have now registered the business with HMRC in my wifes name. At the point where we put in the claim for WTC will I have to come off JSA straight away or can I actually stay on until we get the result from the HMRC ?

Thanks in advance