Comment on Claiming Working Tax Credits and Child Tax Credits by BillyGoat.

Claiming Working Tax Credit Instead of Job Seekers Allowance/Income SupportYou know, having trawled the net for weeks trying to find the right answers, I, like most, came across this site. Its Brilliant. Even a trip to the CAB left me knowing less than when I walked in their door. The Jobcentre advisor is borderline useless and waiting for retirement.

Stuck on JSA for 12 months I have now decided to take the plunge and start my business. I know its going to be a success, my life tells me so. But we will need WTC to kick off.

So the question. I am on JSA and I have now registered the business with HMRC in my wifes name. At the point where we put in the claim for WTC will I have to come off JSA straight away or can I actually stay on until we get the result from the HMRC ?

Thanks in advance