Comment on Brand Marketing Strategy and SEO Optimization by Tina.

Brand Marketing Strategy I am loving reading your SEO articles.
Thank you so much for them.

I have a question and would love and so much appreciate your answer.

Let’s say I am starting from scratch, but want a branded and easy to remember domain name for marketing, so I decide to direct that name to a better name for SEO purposes. In choosing that better name, I have a couple of choices. I’m not in real estate but will use as an example: let’s say I could choose denver-real-estate.tld OR denver-colorado-real-estate.tld (and theoretically let’s just assume that more of the keywords would be useful in the longer name–meaning I KNOW that the longer name involves all relevant keywords.

Would it be better to use the longer domain name, with more key words? Another example using your gardening examples might be: would someone choose gardening-denver.tld OR gardening-supplies-seeds-shovels-denver.tld.

I mean, all the terms in the second example might be searched, but not probably searched together, in the same search…so would good place them higher if someone search for seeds denver OR gardening denver, etc. Or would they have to enter all search terms for the longer domain name to be effective? Sorry for such a garbled mess of a question but I hope some of it made sense!!