Comment on Blix AdSense WordPress Theme by SEO Dave.

WordPress Blix Theme Google AdSense Ad Channel is not supported with this AdSense theme. This version of Blix with AdSense is quite old now and bits don’t work correctly in WordPress 3.* and I have no plans to fix it.

You are to a degree correct about not answering comments here (I answer the odd one now and again). I’ll reiterate earlier comments, this theme is no longer supported/updated, you are going to run into problems if you use it and I have no plans to update it. If I responded to the comments it would be with something like “this version of Blix is old and no longer works correctly in WordPress 3.*”.

If you are looking for an all singing, all dancing SEO/AdSense theme you’ll need to buy my Talian 5 theme (it’s running on this site and is by far the best WordPress SEO/AdSense them online today, been working on the code for almost 4 years, helps make me around £1,000 a month from AdSense) . Talian 05 does come with full AdSense channel support and lots of other features.

Oh, I also have a couple of free AdSense themes on the above site and since I’m phasing out some of the less popular version 03 AdSense/SEO themes there will be more free ones (that I currently charge for) in the future.