Comment on Blix AdSense WordPress Theme by Beth Parker.

WordPress Blix Theme I just wanted to let you know I am using your template on my new blog. I have replaced most of the Google ads with other ads. I’ve pretty much got it set up how I want now (except I might lose the rest of the Google ads later) and it’s working fine.

The only problem I’ve had was the very bottom of the blog title was cut off in the header and it didn’t display the tagline (not sure if it was supposed to). Anyway, I made the header shorter so it kind of looks like the text is supposed to be cut off where it is. It was just the bottoms of the rounded letters that were cut off.

I have noticed that when I view a single post or view a category, my sidebar doesn’t display properly. Instead of the normal sidebar, all that shows up is the recent blog posts and links. Everything else is gone.