Comment on Blix AdSense WordPress Theme by SEO Dave.

WordPress Blix Theme WZ – Glad you like the template, to change the ad format you’ll need to edit the code of the template, they are relatively easy changes made via the WordPress Template editor or a text editor. The first AdSense unit is within the file first-ad.php for post pages (pages like the one you are reading now). For archive pages it’s within the code of the relevant page, just look for 250x250_as as that’s the size of the ad unit.

Ahamed – The SEO version is the AdSense version with search engine optimization changes, things like better use of headers, better title element etc… for example if you look at this page where you add a comment you’ll see a header “Leave a Comment for WordPress Theme Blix with Google AdSense” the original theme is something like “Leave a Comment” so by using the SEO theme the title of the post is used more often, so if it includes relevant keywords the page is more likely to rank for those keywords.