Comment on Blix AdSense WordPress Theme by SEO Dave.

WordPress Blix Theme I’m happy to report version 2 is now linked from the “Download Blix with AdSense WordPress Theme” link above. This version of Blix has improvements over the first Blix with AdSense theme.

I’ve fixed the corrupt image problem, so all of the small images work now. Also improved placement of the AdSense units, for example in version two I’ve managed to code the first post only on archived pages (these are pages that tend to show 10 blog posts each) to show a 250 by 250 ad unit (like you see on this page near the top). This wasn’t easy to code, so very happy with this achievement.
You will also find the option to change AdSense ad unit colours globally by editing just one file. So if you don’t like the default blended ad colours it’s very easy to change.

If anyone has any problems/comments please post them here.