Comment on Blix AdSense WordPress Theme by SEO Dave.

WordPress Blix Theme All you have to do is edit the adsense.php file found at /wp-content/themes/blix-adsense-seo-03/adsense.php (one setting and it works).

Easiest way to check your Google AdSense Publisher ID was added correctly is go to a page with the AdSense theme running and view source.

Scroll through the source until you find an AdSense ad that includes a line like:

google_ad_client = "pub-8325072546567078";

If you see the number pub-8325072546567078 you’ve made a mistake as that’s my pub-number (you should see the number you see in your AdSense account).

I see you’ve left my pub-number on your site.

If you edited the file via the WordPress built in theme editor you might have edited the wrong adsense.php file. I include two adsense.php files with my version 03 themes, one in the /wp-content/themes/blix-adsense-seo-03/alt/adsense.php folder within the theme which includes alternative AdSense settings. This page is never accessed unless you move it over the AdSense file in the Blix themes main folder at /wp-content/themes/blix-adsense-seo-03/.

The WordPress theme editor can’t tell the difference between the two files (at the top it does say it’s an alternative, but easy to miss). So I’m guessing you edited the file online and changed the wrong file.

I recommend editing the adsense.php file in the main Blix folder with a text editor before you upload it (you can change the ID of both files if you want, but only the file in the main Blix folder is used, the other is an alternative you have to move to use).

Not sure what you mean by you were disapproved for AdSense for that domain. Usually you apply for one domain for AdSense, if it’s accepted you can add AdSense on any domain (anywhere). If you break the AdSense TOS and AdSense notice, the site can be banned from the AdSense program (you won’t see Google AdSense ads if you add the code to a banned domain).

Assuming you have an AdSense account and as my AdSense ads are currently showing on the sub site if you change the pub-number correctly it will work (domains are banned which if your domain was banned my ads wouldn’t work) for you.

Under your AdSense account setup a domain channel, this will track your AdSense clicks and impressions only for that domain (I setup a domain channel for every domain I have AdSense on).