Comment on Blix AdSense WordPress Theme by Norbert.

WordPress Blix Theme Hi David,

I changed to my Adsense Pub ID # within the Adsense PHP file. Assuming that’s the only thing I need to do to connect my adsense account & that IT IS connected to this blog page…how can I tell that my adsense ads are working on this blog page? Where do I look within my Adsense account that I will get the commissions when someone clicks on my ads? I even had a friend click on an ad at my site to see if I would see the commission in my account. I can’t tell.

The main page on this domain ) using a default theme with Adsense plugins that are currently working. Not long ago, I applied to google adsense for this domain to be accepted (still don’t know what this is for in my adsense account. I thought I had to do that with your themes), but it got ‘disapproved’. This was about the time when I added a sub page blog to URL above using the Blix theme. Will this disapproval affect my not getting my commissions from my new sub page, even though I am getting commission on the main page using adsense plug ins…despite getting the url disapproved. I don’t get it.

Again, how can I tell that my sub page adsense ads are working with my Pub ID # installed within your new Blix theme?