Comment on Blix AdSense WordPress Theme by SEO Dave.

WordPress Blix Theme Blue Blix doesn’t use an AdSense WordPress plugin per se, the AdSense code is built into the theme and there’s no way for the AdSense code NOT to be run when a page loads, this assumes AdSense is turned on and you haven’t made any mistakes when you added your AdSense publisher ID etc… of course (recently had a customer with disappearing ads because they added an extra space after their publisher ID by mistake).

What you are seeing can happen to any page with AdSense running on it, AdSense determines it’s better for your page not to load all ad units (supposed to result in you making more money). It tends to be the sidebar ad unit that doesn’t load because it’s the last one loaded in the code (Google AdSense assumes if it’s lower in the code it’s the least important ad unit). So it’s not the theme, it’s AdSense. I have a number of Blogspot blogs and see this sort of thing all the time on them (way more often than with my WordPress blogs). I also see it on my WordPress blogs randomly.

BTW You can tell the ad units code has been loaded because the size of the ad does show up (you get a blank square/rectangle the size of the ad). Would be better if the ad didn’t load at all, but that’s Google AdSense at fault.