Comment on Blix AdSense WordPress Theme by SEO Dave.

WordPress Blix Theme Hi April,

Yes all the important SEO features found within the All in One SEO Pack WordPress plugin are more than covered by all the themes on this site.

The All in One SEO Pack plugin adds the ability to add a little SEO to your theme, unfortunately it doesn’t remove poorly thought our theme code, for example we all know header(H1, H2 etc…) are important for SEO reasons, but 95% of WordPress themes use the H2 header on the sidebar for formatting the name of sidebar items, Blogroll, Categories, Recent Posts etc… and this is far from ideal from an SEO perspective.

There’s a similar problem with where you find the start of comments, it will say “15 Comments” or “No Comments” encased in a H3 header, total waste!

With my themes there are NO wasted headers, I’ve either removed them completely (as is the case on the sidebar) and replaced the H2 CSS coding so the theme doesn’t look terrible (looks almost identical to the original theme) or as in the case of the comments problem add the title of the post within the H3 header for add SEO optimisation.

The above sort of SEO theme issues can not be solved using a plugin, it can only be fixed by editing the theme code, one line at a time!

What you loose from the All in One SEO Pack plugin when using this theme is the ability to add unique meta tags the theme takes the excerpt of the post and uses that as the description and the title of the post as the meta keywords.

This has no negative SEO effect since the main search engines DO NOT use meta tags for ranking purposes anymore, they were abused too much in the past (today you could have no meta tags at all and rank just as high as with them, they have little value**).

** There is value in a meta description since Google sometimes uses it as the description of a SERP, this could result in a higher click through rate, but does not effect rankings directly.

I’ve not looked at the All in One SEO Pack for quite sometime (not needed), so if there’s a feature (maybe they added new ones since I last used it) in particular with the All in One SEO Pack you don’t want to loose let me know what it is and I’ll tell you if it’s in the theme.

David Law