Comment on Blix AdSense WordPress Theme by SEO Dave.

WordPress Blix Theme Hi Linda,

Unless I’m missing something you can put images on any post no matter what WordPress theme you use. Adding images is part of WordPress not the theme.

Will say you need to think through a little where to put your images since there’s a ad block at the top of the content on all my AdSense themes which can look a little weird if the first thing on a post is a wide image. Sometimes there isn’t enough space to fit the image and the ad unit, so one has to go down the page leaving a blank space.

I try to add some text before my first image so this doesn’t happen since it doesn’t look very good.

Another way around it is to make sure your first image isn’t too wide, my wife uses one of my themes on her picture blog, you can see an example here

The image and the ad unit just fit side by side, if the image was a little wider it would drop below the ad unit leaving a big blank space. I hate it when that happens :)

You could also edit the AdSense settings within the adsense.php file and make that ad unit a lot thinner, but this will impact on earnings since the square ad unit at the top has a high CTR. I’d rather think my posts out as I make then than loose revenue.

David Law