Open letter to the blackhat SEO community.

Dear BlackHat Community,

I was a blackhat SEO before it was called blackhat SEO (I’m apparently old :-)).

I was spamming guestbooks, forums and comments for links before we had tools for automatically SPAMMING links and at the time (pre 2004-2005) it worked really well, I once had a domain (eccomerce site) with a PR8 home page from link spamming with loads of competitive top 3 Google SERPs.

Blackhat SEO

The black hat SEO techniques I used worked really well 10 years ago, made me a lot of money, but the techniques used by the black hat community have evolved and so has Google.

BlackHat SEO

blackhat SEO, not such a good way to do SEO today. It’s not that new blackhat SEO techniques employed by the blackhat community don’t work, there will always be new black hat strategies that work. The problem is while the new techniques have moved on so has Google, Google has got much better at dealing with the black hatters and unless you are always ahead of Google changes you will be caught out eventually.

When I was link spamming over 10 years ago Google was rubbish at spotting link SPAM patterns, took them around two years to penalize the domain I got to PR8 all those years ago and in that time I made more than enough money from the one domain to support a growing family. I saw the penalty coming, but because link SPAM is a semi-permanent technique (the black hatter SEO can’t easily remove all their SPAMMED links) there was nothing I could do to stop the penalty.

The PR8 domain which Google banned over 10 years ago (I still own it, for sentimental reason), over the past 10 years the revenue from the domain wouldn’t pay for a half decent second hand car let alone support a family for a decade. Since then I’ve built many new websites using mostly whitehat SEO techniques (I’m not perfectly white, a little grey around the edges :-)) and was able to buy a house in the UK (we don’t have cheap houses in the UK: think rip off Britain) and pay for it outright in 5 years, been mortgage free for years.

White Hat SEO

Had I not used blackhat techniques on the PR8 domain I might not have made as much money the first couple of years, but I’d still be making money today. Honestly don’t know if long term I’d have been better off, maybe without black hat comment spamming I’d have never got good Google rankings (learned a lot about SEO using black hat techniques), but it makes you think.

New Black Hat SEO Techniques

Few years later the same and similar blackhat technique didn’t work, Google had made algorithm changes that gave them time to find and penalize most (not all) link spammers BEFORE they had good rankings.

You will note above I wrote “find and penalize most (not all) link spammers”, some fall through the Google SPAM filter nets. If you are thinking about blackhat link spamming because you might get away with it. Would you spin a roulette wheel and bet everything on the number 36?

That’s what you are doing when using blackhat SEO techniques, hoping you are the lucky one that flies under the Google radar.

Black Hat SEO Techniques

Odds are you’ll be caught in under a year BEFORE your site ranks for anything seriously competitive. All that hard work, wasted…

If you do decide to go SEO black I strongly recommend avoiding black hat techniques you can’t easily fix, look through the blackhat community forums for those hit with penalties asking how to fix the SEO damage they’ve caused. Black hat Hidden links and blackhat hosted doorway pages when added to domain you control can easily be removed when Google catches you out. With Comment SPAMMING you have no way to delete the links you SPAMMED on others blogs, they could be live for YEARS.

David Law

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