Comment on How to Become a Millionaire Fast by Clayton.

9 to 5 Jobs Thank you for the response David.

I read on one of your posts that you do not have a clickbank product yet. The information provided above is valuable to me and those starting website businesses like me. I believe that the above information – expanded on – with some of your WordPress Themes added as a bonus – would make a very valuable clickbank package.

After a 6 or 7 years of researching, testing, downloading, etc, I have come to the same conclusion as you have as you have stated above and now from YOUR research and success I can verify that I am heading in the right direction. My final piece of the puzzle to help create the success is your talian wordpress theme that I am now configuring. (the theme gives my site the code and structure that SE’s love)

I have thousands of pages on my website and most will be moved into WordPress. It could be argued that my site will be too much for WordPress and that I should use Joomla or something but I want to keep it simple and build tons of content. Many others will be building hiking content at my website soon because of your excellent ability at coding WordPress SEO Themes.

Thank you,
I pray that your back operation will give you mobilization.