Comment on Beautiful Sunrise AdSense WordPress Theme by Oxymoronica.

WordPress Beautiful Sunrise Theme I did everything as per the instructions in this theme, but I am pretty sure that the ads on my site are still not linked to my Adsense account.

When I get my ad code from Adsense, it shows me a “ca-pub” instead of a “pub” code. I did some research to find out what those even mean and if it matters, but I am brand new to this and couldn’t wade through all the jargon. I tried both, putting the “ca-pub” one day and then deleting the “ca” and just putting in the “pub” for the next day.

Neither try resulted in Adsense picking up on my pageviews. It is a new site so I probably don’t have any ad clicks for Adsense to register yet, but I know I have pageviews because of a plugin I installed. I don’t think Adsense is picking up on my pageviews, so that makes me think that the ads on my site and my adsense account are not properly linked.

I have submitted a question to Google’s adsense forums but no one is responding… I am hoping you can help me with this because I really do not have the money to hire someone to do this for me.

Thanks very much.
PS, the theme is very nice, but for this possible issue.