Comment on Entrepreneurs Stories by SEO Dave.

Start a Business LOL I’m happy to share the credit Mark :-)

We are all in it together so speak, plenty of money to make on the Internet to share out.

Does make me laugh when online entrepreneurs hide their money making ideas for fear of competition. We are closing on 7 billion people on the planet of which just under 2 billion are estimated to be online, if you can’t make money from the ~2 billion online without being overly secretive about your methods you are doing something wrong.

For example I sell the SEO/AdSense WordPress themes for cheap, had I been worried about loosing SERPs/traffic because others can use my themes to target the same sorts of SERPs I’d have never made them available. So far not noticed one site using my themes in a SERP I regularly track, so I’ve helped a lot of people out online for minimum reward and it’s not had a negative impact on my online revenue.

That being said my wife tells me off for selling the themes at such a low price for what they are worth and for giving free information out online :-)

David Law