Comment on Almost Spring AdSense WordPress Theme by SEO Dave.

WordPress Almost Spring Theme Glad your finding the theme helpful.

Easy to turn the ads off by editing your adsense.php file.



Change to


Save and upload and Google ads will no longer be there.

That leaves one minor problem that’s either ignorable or removable.

After doing this the Adverts section on the menu will still be there, though no AdSense ad will be under it (little irritating).

To remove this menu item load sidebar.php into a text editor and delete or better yet comment out the code responsible. Made it easy to comment out :-)


/* AdSense Code Start */ 

Change to

/* AdSense Code Start 

Save and upload and that section will vanish.

If you use widgets also load functions.php in a text editor and repeat the changes for that file.

Actually if you use widgets forget editing those files just remove the widget from your sidebar through the widgets options.