The WordPress SEO Plugins: All In One SEO Pack Plugin and Yoast SEO Plugin have some really dumb SEO options related to noindex and nofollow.

In the SEO theme I develop (Stallion Responsive) I list the bad SEO options (only list them, it doesn’t change them).

Stallion Responsive All In One SEO Pack Plugin Warnings

Stallion Responsive All In One SEO Pack Plugin Warnings

Currently updating the SEO warning feature to work with the latest versions of the SEO plugins and it’s got worse!!!

All In One SEO Pack Plugin Noindex and Nofollow SEO Damage

Checking the “All In One SEO Pack Plugin” v2.3.9.2 and there are 15 check boxes on the main options page that can cause serious SEO damage, basically wastes a webmasters hard earned link benefit through noindex/nofollow!!!

All In One SEO Plugin Noindex SEO Damage

All In One SEO Plugin Noindex SEO Damage

When using the All In One SEO plugin, DO NOT tick any of these options:

  • Default to NOINDEX: Posts
  • Default to NOINDEX: Pages
  • Default to NOINDEX: Media
  • Default to NOFOLLOW: Posts
  • Default to NOFOLLOW: Pages
  • Default to NOFOLLOW: Media
  • Use noindex for Categories:
  • Use noindex for Date Archives:
  • Use noindex for Author Archives:
  • Use noindex for Tag Archives:
  • Use noindex for the Search page:
  • Use noindex for the 404 page:
  • Use noindex for paginated pages/posts:
  • Use nofollow for paginated pages/posts:
  • Tax Noindex

These all in one SEO options waste your link benefit.

Those into SEO have known since 2009 nofollow and noindex cause SEO damage, but many WordPress SEO plugin developers still add the noindex/nofollow options for clueless webmasters to ruin their sites SEO!


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