Comment on Alexa Rank by SEO Dave.

Alexa Rank Officially broken through to the Alexa top 50 thousand sites online in September 2014.


Guess I’ll be seeing an increased number of reciprocal link requests when Google updates PageRank: not had a PR update this year and my domain is listed PR0 because it’s newish (guess the home page will be PR4).

Haven’t done any Alexa traffic rank manipulation to improve the Alexa rank, so these are based on real visitors who use the Alexa Toolbar: I’m not using the toolbar, slows the browser down and gets in the way, so deleted it again :-)

You can see my Alexa site rank is having a nice boost right now from the Alexa screenshot below.

Alexa Site Rank

Currently breaking into the Alexa top 40,000 websites.

I think the best Alexa rank I’ve had for a domain is in the 25K range, I’ve tended to spread my content thin over multiple domains (own ~130 domains), which means though my Blog Network generates a LOT of traffic overall, it doesn’t equate to a particularly high Alexa ranking for any one domain (take a top 100 Alexa site and break it’s content over 100 domains, no longer top 100).

I wonder what my Alexa rank would be if all my content was on the one domain?