Comment on Affiliate Marketing by Worldly Unfair.

Affiliate Earnings Interesting stuff, I just don’t see how it’s possible to achieve great success with anything less than phenomenal luck and programming skill.

I am pretty much convinced that unique content means little in the world of making money and it somehow has more to do with what goes on in the programming side.

Case in point I have spent the last 2 years posting a new highly unique page about every 3 days of 500 or more words on average.
I have posted many blog entries and have 8/9 live articles on ezine.
I offer the only place on the internet to ascertain such information and yet my pr is 0.
I have multiple pages in the top 10 on google for my keywords.
According to yahoo I have 120 incoming links, according to alexa it’s 10.

Still I have poured every day into this site and can’t come even remotely close to a pr3 though according to my host’s counter I had over 4,000 page views with 1200 uniques so far this month while producing over $300 in sales and clicks.

My site isn’t an affiliate or blog site, just don’t understand the way of the world.