Comment on SEO AdSense WordPress Theme by SEO Dave.

AdSense Publisher ID “Using my Google Love backlinking method, I will surely be on the top page within 2-4 months.”

That’s highly ambitious and completely unrealistic if you are talking Google organic search engine results (not paying for AdWords) and relatively difficult SERPs and not easy ones: for example registered a domain 2 weeks ago, started work on it 5 days ago (added a small number of links, not many yet) and it’s ranked number one out of 100K pages in Google for the SERP “Summer Olympics 2012 Forum”, (without speech marks) but it’s not a hard SERP, not even a mildly difficult SERP so doesn’t tell anyone anything about my SEO abilities, but some SEO consultants would use an easy SERP like that as a way to show they are super duper SEO consultants.

I don’t expect that site to rank for harder SERPs like Summer Olympics for many months (6+ months). Now a SERP like AdSense Templates is a relatively hard SERP and this site is number 2 in Google, but it took well over a year to get that high.

So if you are talking relatively hard preferably two word SERPs (like AdSense Templates) feel free to mention a SERP or two you expect to have in 4 months time with new domains and we can all check the results in July 2010. Would “right to the top” be top 5 in Google?

Or maybe you have some current examples where you are making £300-500 per month from AdSense after 4 months?

Looking at your main site, it’s poorly optimized, many basic SEO mistakes like using Home as anchor text for home page links and the home page lacks a title element: guessing you’ve been messing around with the WordPress theme to remove the name of the blog from deeper pages and it’s gone a little wrong.

I’m afraid your SEO SERPs examples falls in the realm of not being very hard.

See for determining how hard a SERP is.

video games systems
solar power for homes
buy jewelry pendants

Basically relatively easy SERPs and adding speech marks around a 4 word SERP like “solar power for homes” is so misleading since few searches use speech marks in real searches.

Searching for video games systems (no speech marks) I don’t see the example site in the top 100 in Google and that’s not even a highly competitive SERP. SERPs change, but it’s only 11 days ago since you made that page about those SERPs. If you check for “video games systems” (with speech marks) you can see the top results are not highly optimized for the phrase (generally not used in the title of the top results) and your site is around 25th.

Then there’s “buy jewelry pendants” without speech marks, take a look at the search with speech marks, only 44 pages found without expanding the search. This tells us barely anyone is targeting this SERP, basically less than 100 domains use the exact phrase “buy jewelry pendants” on pages Google deems worthy of ranking for that specific search.

I could list over 1,000 SERPs like these from my sites, but they don’t generate much traffic and don’t really prove anything. Personally speaking I no longer target really hard SERPs, they are so much effort for traffic that can be obtained so much easier in the form of lots of long tail SERPs.

BTW I don’t have a problem with commenter’s mentioning their services as part of a comment (if it’s relevant to the comment), but if it’s trying to potentially sell an SEO service I’ll almost certainly look into it and give an honest comment about what I see. Hence this comment, it’s nothing personal, if I thought you had something I’d say so as well: I’m currently not looking for new SEO clients (take on the odd one when they have a site that’s really interesting to work with), so have nothing to loose letting others promote their SEO services (it’s just got to be good what they offer).