Comment on SEO AdSense WordPress Theme by Sam Deane.

AdSense Publisher ID David,

Thanks – I can see you are doing good work in your SEO research.

I think you misread me. I did not have any intention of actually linking the three sites together. I’m wanting to merely get all three to the top of google for their “phrase match” – What that does is it forces adsense ads/encourages Google to place adsense ads onto the page for the top priced adsense keyword/ads. Google charges the top prices and pays out the difference at top rates.

I am not linking any of these pages at all. Doing three sites covers all bases. Using my Google Love backlinking method, I will surely be on the top page within 2-4 months. Getting it right to the top will bring in roughly £300-500 per month thereafter. These are figures that can be verified.

If you want to find out about the Google Love service, it only costs £400 for 4 months all in. All details are on the site. Didn’t want to promote it but it may be useful info for you and your readers?

All the best – will be building my first Talian site shortly – looking forward to seeing the results. :-)

All the best