Comment on SEO AdSense WordPress Theme by Sam Deane.

AdSense Publisher ID David,

Wow, didnt expect a reply for a week or so (from my previous experience of posting on blogs). Thanks for the nearly immediate responses. Good and timely service speaks volumes to me.

That’s great I can use it over and over – I will buy the theme from you shortly – (I just woke up!)

I like what you do with the 250×250 box mostly. Even though i think they look ugly, they are effective and you have positioned yours in an unavoidable, yet not all too overly dominating position with the thin colum of text to the side.

About the 3 sites – My gameplan is to go after high paying adsense keywords – ones that pay between $4 and $10 per click. I use Market Samurai to find them.

If you want to go after a seemingly impossibly tough keyword (with maybe 1 million completing pages or more) the way to go is build 3 sites each with 4 articles on them.

Find the tough (very high CPC) keyword (A), then find 3 associated (high CPC) keywords (B,C,D) –

The “three adsense blogs” plan –

First (optimized) blog has 2 articles about A and 2 articles about B
Second has 2 articles about A and 2 articles about C
Third has 2 articles about A and 2 articles about D

Then build backlinks like crazy for all three.

I don’t worry about sandboxing. I don’t agree it takes 9 months to come back – 3 at most is my experience. They all do come back soon enough and when they do – you’ve still been building backlinks so they are all set to shoot to the top.

This takes patience, persistence and perseverance, but the three P’s are what SEO is all about.

Hope this helps people and they try it as it works like gangbusters for those who know how to build backlinks effectively (or are willing to back themselves and outsource the work).

Will get back to you later on today to buy the theme.

All the best