Comment on SEO AdSense WordPress Theme by SEO Dave.

AdSense Publisher ID The Stallion Responsive 8.2 version of the Google AdSense Custom Search Widget is called “Stallion AdSense Google Search Widget”.

For performance reasons some of the Stallion widgets and default WordPress widgets are disabled. Basically if you don’t use a widget it’s a good idea to disable it, that way it can’t waste resources,

Go to “Stallion Theme” >> “Performance Options” and near the bottom under “Unregister Widgets” all the core and Stallion widgets are listed.

Untick any you want to use, tick any you don’t use.

It’s an interesting quirk of WordPress that some widgets when NOT used result in database queries, WordPress looks for options related to the widgets despite the fact they aren’t being used. I’ve added some default options for all the Stallion and core WordPress widgets (so they won’t waste database queries) when not in use, but I don’t know if they waste other resources (was by luck I noticed the database query issue). To be on the safe side if you aren’t using a widget, tick it to disable it, can’t waste resources if it’s unregistered.

So Bud Sailor and Susanne are the same person, a lot easier to determine an issue with a URL to look at.

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