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AdSense Publisher ID Yep, Google changed a while ago to show users what they are searching for as ads. Can get quite irritating when doing research, shows me ads I have no interest in: not that I ever click AdSense ads on any site.

Dropped you an email with your Stallion Responsive ID. Having a Godaddy email server issue, didn’t realize Godaddy has a maximum email relay limit and the new Stallion Responsive mailing list:

Used up the entire relay quota in one mailing today! Not sure if everyone on the list got the message, there;s significantly more people on the list than Godaddy has it’s relay limit.

This means new email that are sent via the server are in the queue with an error:

DED : You’ve reached your daily relay quota

I’ve contacted Godaddy support: sheesh Godaddy Chat support is SLOW, took an hour in the queue despite for about half an hour it reported the estimated wait would be 3 minutes!!!

Looks like it will take a few days for them to increase the relay limit (not impressed), so have some emails stuck in the queue including several Stallion Responsive order emails with the users Stallion IDs!

Will have to wait until tomorrow to be able to send them correctly, in the meantime I’m going to have to manually reroute the important ones. guess I can’t use the mailing list (only used it for two emails so far) until Godaddy increases the relay limit.