Comment on SEO AdSense WordPress Theme by SEO Dave.

AdSense Publisher ID Had a look at the home page code and the code of a WordPress post and don’t see anything obvious untoward.

I see the correct AdSense ads when viewing your site, I saw some ads about roofing and others about SEO (been researching SEO, so would expect them). If you are seeing something other than AdSense ads where the AdSense ads are suggests the device you are connecting to the website with is compromised. Your PC might have been hacked or you’ve installed some ad malware that replaces AdSense ads with their ads when YOU visit websites running AdSense (so not your site hacked, your PC).

This site has AdSense ads running, do you see the same sort of ads where the AdSense ads should be? If so confirms it’s your PC.

If you don’t already run antivirus software I use Avast which is pretty good

For checking for malware try SpyBot Search & Destroy

Also see Malwarebytes

That being said and after rereading your comment, what you see might be normal. Google AdSense doesn’t always show ads related to what the content is about, but what the visitor has been searching for before visiting a site running AdSense.

You’ve been searching for how to find and remove malware from the sounds of things and how to fix your PC would be the sort of ads AdSense might show YOU. Google AdSense is going to show you ads related to malware products because that’s what you’ve been looking for :-)

Regarding buying Stallion Responsive 8.1, don’t take too long price goes up on 1st September. Though I’m supporting Stallion WordPress SEO v7.1.1 users I have no plans to update it further, with how Google is taking user experience into account Stallion v7.1.1 is lacking now: funny though that it probably still is the second best WordPress SEO theme available.