Comment on SEO AdSense WordPress Theme by Erik.

AdSense Publisher ID You were right Dave, thanks for this tip. I didn’t realize it would output something different than the code that is visible in Text view. I have seen WordPress change ad code before, but it was to add that CDATA snippet into the code, and this was immediately visible in the WordPress post editor after saving the post.

In this instance, the responsive code I was adding was visibly unchanged after saving, but after viewing the page source like you recommended I saw that there were about 6 line breaks (<br/) added into the code. Well, that's not very helpful WordPress!

I ended up using a shortcode insert for the time being at least, on those sets of pages I want to track. That does work; I don't know if there are any pluses or minuses to that solution other than it actually working :) .

Thanks for the reply as always.