Comment on SEO AdSense WordPress Theme by SEO Dave.

AdSense Publisher ID Have you viewed the HTML source of the AdSense output that’s not working and compared it to the original AdSense code?

This will tell you if it’s WordPress changing your HTML after saving.

Easy to do.

Add the responsive ad code that isn’t working to a post, save it.

Load the page in FireFox or Google Chrome.

In FireFox right click the page, click “View Source”.

Find the code you pasted and compare it to the original AdSense, has anything changed?

My guess would be yes because WordPress can mess up code pasted in Posts.

I doubt it’s the cache as most WordPress caching plugins show logged in users the non-cached page. When testing I always clear the cache of the plugin just incase (not familiar with the caching plugin you use, I assume it has a clear cache options) and also when refreshing the test page use CTRL F5. You can also empty the browse cache, FireFox it’s “Tools” >> “Options” : “Advanced” – “Network” : “clear Now”.