Comment on SEO AdSense WordPress Theme by SEO Dave.

AdSense Publisher ID One possibility is you are using broken AdSense code.

The AdSense responsive code I use on this site lacks this code:

<script async src="//"></script>

Which means my AdSense ads code is broken (incomplete), but because Stallion Responsive includes the adsbygoogle.js code link it via the option:

“Stallion Theme” >> “AdSense Ad Options” : “Add Responsive Beta JS Script to Footer” – “Add JS Script to Footer On”.

If you view source of any page of this site you’ll find the above AdSense js file code loaded near the footer area.

I’ve added this options for performance reasons, only load the file once (using the default code supplied by AdSense means you add it three times!) and in the footer rather than mid content.

If that’s not ticked on and your three AdSense ads lack at least one copy of the code I pasted above (it must be loaded once) the AdSense Responsive ad code is incomplete and won’t load correctly.

If I recall correctly you don’t even need AdSense turned on (main Stallion Theme options page) for the js file to load using “Stallion Theme” >> “AdSense Ad Options” : “Add Responsive Beta JS Script to Footer” – “Add JS Script to Footer On”. Means you can turn AdSense off and still use AdSense on text widgets without adding the code above three times inline.

BTW I got a little more code than you posted and see above, suggests you named your AdSense ad “Testing Responsive”. That name won’t work with the Stallion Responsive CSS rules, it must be named:


You can’t test with other named ad units, only those three will work correctly. any other name will try to fill the entire page width, so would revert to the 728px wide ads that don’t fit. Try testing with my stradunit1 AdSense code that I posted in the first response to you, that’s the full code straight from my AdSense account and should work on any site not banned by AdSense.

To use other names you’d have to edit the bottom CSS rules in mobile.css.

If you need to post code surround by code tags


Code here


Otherwise WordPress strips it for security reasons.