Comment on SEO AdSense WordPress Theme by SEO Dave.

AdSense Publisher ID The main Ad ON/OFF options are designed for the built in AdSense code including what you add on the main Stallion AdSense Options page form boxes. If an ad is turned off on the main AdSense options page that ad isn’t loaded at all sitewide, there’s no settings for only show on tags or posts etc…

The screenshot below is almost how I have this site now, only difference is I recently disabled the footer widget to test something.

WordPress AdSense Theme

I created three Responsive Ad units in my AdSense account naming them stradunit1, stradunit2 and stradunit3 and pasted each one in the corresponding form as you see in the image below.

I’m using the W3 Total Cache plugin on this site and minify HTML, so the code output for the floating ad unit is minified, below is what my main content ad looks like when viewing source in FireFox:

<div class="fadright stallionhideads"> <ins class="adsbygoogle stradunit1" style="display:inline-block" data-ad-client="ca-pub-8325072546567078" data-ad-slot="2310085616"></ins><script>(adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({});</script></div>

If you don’t minify HTML it would be on more lines, but the same code.

You can see the div has two classes,

.fadright = Float Ad right
.stallionhideads = Stallion Hide Ads

The “stallionhideads” is how I first added the ability to hide Stallion ads (you had to add some inline CSS that used .stallionhideads to hide the ads), in later versions of Stallion I created a much better way to not hide the ads 9code lods, but is hidden: which is what you are seeing suggesting you’ve added the above CSS class), but not load them at all.

If you’ve added a CSS class .stallionhideads (and/or .stallionhidewads) and set display:none it would hide the ads. None of the built in Stallion CSS files use the .stallionhideads or .stallionhidewads so if you have that in a CSS file you must have added it and it could be the cause of why your ads are hidden.

These are the CSS ways to hide ads in older versions of Stallion, they still work in Stallion Responsive v8, if you have this code it might be the problem.

To hide all AdSense ads add:

<style>.stallionhideads, .stallionhidewads {display:none !important;}</style>

To hide the AdSense ads within the main content only (sidebar, header and footer ads will still be visible) add:

<style>.stallionhideads {display:none !important;}</style>

To hide the AdSense ads within the sidebar, header and footer areas (main content ads will still be visible) add:

<style>.stallionhidewads {display:none !important;}</style>

The above is not the best way to hide ads.

I’m not completely sure what you are trying to achieve, not sure what you mean by “appear on Tags and Comments pages”?

If by comments you mean the Stallion Super Comments that’s going to be more difficult without editing code (it’s probably easy to do), because the SEO super comments use the same settings as their main article. For example I’ve disabled AdSense (on that posts edit page by setting Disable All Ads to “All Ads Off”**) on How to cheat AdSense article (the top ad isn’t an ad, it’s just an image as a joke) check any of the SEO super comments for that post and they lack AdSense as well:

Also set the AdSense widget using the Display Widget options (at the bottom of the widget: added the posts ID 154 to the “Comma Separated list of IDs of posts not listed above:” form) so the AdSense sidebar ad doesn’t load for any of those webpages. Didn’t want a search engine visitor looking for AdSense click exchanges clicking my AdSense ads!!!

So there’s not a built in way (via the main AdSense options) to only show AdSense on the SEO super comments only or only the tags.

** The Post/Page edit screen “All Ads Off” setting has no impact on your custom Text Widgets with Responsive AdSense ad code, the “All Ads Off” only has an impact on the Main content ad unit and the footer ad unit (unit 1 and unit 2: unit 3 is a widget and not affected by the setting).

To achieve what you want would require some planning.

If you wanted three AdSense content widgets with more control over placement to a degree where no ad unit is sitewide I’d start by turning AdSense off on the main Stallion Theme Options page and create three or more Text Widgets with the Responsive AdSense code from your AdSense account (similar to the code in my image above) and use the Display Widget options to set where those text widgets can load. If you use AdSense ads named stradunit1, stradunit2 and stradunit3 they can still use the built in AdSense CSS for responsiveness.

If you explain in detail which parts of the site you want AdSense on and where there’s probably an easy way with a small amount of code changes and mostly well thought out Widget Display settings.