Comment on SEO AdSense WordPress Theme by Erik.

AdSense Publisher ID Hi Dave, I have hit a little hiccup in trying to position a responsive adsense unit in the floating content area.

It seems that if I set the Content Widget Area alignment to “No float” in Layout Options, the responsive ad unit will appear on the given page or post, right in the middle of the column as it should.

But if I try “Float Left” or “Float Right”, the ad unit disappears. Viewing the page source I see the code is still there, but the ad is simply not visible.

However, I am able to place a standard ad unit wherever I want it. and it appears as it should (ie, floated right within the content), using the above settings.

So it seems that this has something to do with the responsive unit. Is there something I need to do or enable to get a responsive unit to appear in a floated position? Thanks!