Comment on SEO AdSense WordPress Theme by SEO Dave.

AdSense Publisher ID Do you honestly believe a company like Google won’t know all the IP addresses of popular proxies and won’t be actively trying to find new proxy IPs? Any service that changes your real IP address is using a proxy server, so you are using proxy servers to log into your AdSense account and that’s suspicious activity. The only question is how long it will take for AdSense to detect it’s a proxy server and not your real IP addresses.

I don’t know how Google does it, I’m not a programmer either, but it’s not rocket science to imagine AdSense could compare a users IPs used to access an account to the users home address. If you have your home address set to Indonesia and you always login from an IP located in the US or UK or a combination don’t you think it would throw up a red flag?

The ISP I use uses dynamic IPs, but they are always UK based IPs and registered by the same ISP, been with this ISP for about 5 years and I’ve never logged into my account from another ISP (in those 5 years). Easy to see I’m not trying to hide anything when I log into my AdSense account.

That red flag results in a manual review of your account, they look at who else uses the IPs to log into other Google services not just AdSense (you won’t have a dedicated IP from a proxy server, so other people will use it, maybe some are AdSense ad clickers). Maybe they check the domains where your AdSense pub number is used and check the Whois data and find the majority are located in Indonesia (assuming you’ve added accurate Whois data which is a legal requirement). They’ll almost certainly check the quality of your content, hmm scrapped content, he’s an autoblogger, does he have more quality content or is it mostly copied content?

It’s not hard to see AdSense can determine a lot of information about their users and it’s unlikely they’ll check every account, but will have filters set that profile potential problem accounts and they will get a manual review.

Over Christmas (5 months ago) my AdSense account was showing earnings of over £1,500, a month later they paid around £1,000 for that month so I assumed something fishy was going on. Found a couple of my domains had a lot of extra AdSense clicks (really high CTR at times). I’ve never deliberately clicked my own AdSense ads (accidental clicks have occurred, I do a lot of development work with AdSense themes) and have never asked/paid anyone to click ads either, so I’m guessing someone was clicking a competitors AdWords users ads to run their ad money down so their AdWords ads would show more often. AdSense didn’t contact me about this, I guess they did an investigation and concluded I was innocent.

To set domains Google AdSense will count clicks for under your AdSense account click “AdSense Settings”, near the bottom is a setting “Sites authorised to show ads” click the Edit link.