Comment on SEO AdSense WordPress Theme by Roy.

AdSense Publisher ID I’m lucky because my adsense account is still live until this moment without banned again. If I use the IP address with the mobile broadband internet access which there is maybe someone else using the IP it will cause my account banned again. I use the paid HideIP service which this is not using proxies but the real IP address coming from the countries such as USA, United Kingdom, Singapore, etc. and I can select it when I want to login to my adsense account.

Regarding the domains you approved will be counted as ad impressions to protect your adsense account banned by google, how did you do that? Where can we do that to tell Google about those domains, is it done inside the adsene account login or somewhere else? I haven’t seen any feature in my adsense account login to enable me doing that. Can you tell me about this?

Really if someone else did the clicks on our domains many times despite it was done from the different IP address, the Google will have possibility to suspect it as the click fraud activities following their system. Really the adsense business that involved the third-party (google) has the high risk to lose business or earnings because we don’t know how their system works to detect the click frauds or suspected the significant risk to their advertisers, etc. from time to time.